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Professor of Neurology Franco Regli has created the Foundation with the aim of supporting and encouraging researchers in the field of neuroscience.


From this impulse, the Foundation has established a prize to award the best scientific works in fundamental or clinical research within the field of neurodegenerative diseases.



Prof. Dr. med. Franco Regli

Board Members

Maria Cristina Donati-Regli, lic. sc. pol, SM, President

Prof. Dr. med. Pierre Magistretti, Vice-President

Lucien Masmejan, Attorney at Law, Secretary

Prof. Dr. med. Patrice Guex

Prof. Dr. med Renaud Du Pasquier

Prof. Dr. med Luca Regli

Scientific Committee

In order to guarantee a peer review process of the applicants’ scientific work, the Foundation is allowed to call external experts into the Scientific Jury in charge of evaluating and selecting the scientific publication to be awarded.

Reviewing Organ
Ofisa S.A. Lausanne

Registered Office
Etude de Preux, Besso, de Selliers & Sinner

Matthieu Sinner

Avenue du Théâtre 7, 1005 Lausanne

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